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Shark Of The Urban Depths


It has long been known that the vast majority of SUVs never leave the road. They are often an indicator of the owner’s status. So why do these cars need ” mud ” tires, locks, winches and suspension lift? Maybe the conqueror of the urban jungle needs something else? For example, in Germany, where there is almost no off-road road, there is a tuning Studio Startech, which develops individual improvement programs for Range Rovers and Land Rovers.

The company’s specialists can turn a long-wheelbase version of the Range Rover into a real limousine! One of the main improvements is the installation of a partition between the compartments for the driver and passengers. Thanks to the organized individual space, the car immediately “grows” with additional representative functions, and in addition, the isolated part of the interior will allow the boss to focus on solving his business tasks in the current city traffic jams. At the same time, all the other features that characterize a personal limousine — external surroundings, increased engine power, and the charms of a transformed interior — remain in their places. Let’s see what happened to the English SUV Executive class (the same — in the garage of the Queen!) after completion of Startech.

So, let’s start with the appearance. The protruding muscles of the Startech Widebody wing extensions cover the forged wheels of the 23-inch wheels. The front bumper is expanded in comparison with the production one due to side air ducts, which increases the impression of even greater massiveness of the car. Very interesting, based on the latest led technology, the light in the bumper is made: there are installed the smallest of the existing fog lights, similar to the” evil ” eyes of a shark. And from the sides, the bumper passes into the front fender extensions and then into the lower door linings, which flow into the rear fender extensions. They are also equipped with air intakes and also connect to the new rear bumper, forming a closed lower contour of the car, which divides the RR architecture horizontally. In addition, the rear bumper is fully integrated with The STARTECH dual-flow sports exhaust system made of high-quality steel, but the performance of the electrically folding coupling device is fully preserved. Due to the extenders, the body has expanded further — by 60 mm. And thanks to the Startech suspension control unit, the car is 30 mm lower in standard, which gives it a more aggressive, dynamic look. Products made of unpainted carbon fiber on the body-the radiator grille, air intakes on the hood and” gills ” on the doors along with mirrors — make the car even more like a large predatory fish — again, I will remind you of the “shark” headlights. All this construction is based on exclusive forged STARTECH Monostar s wheels, which are distinguished not only by a rare design, but also by a unique forging technology that combines high strength with extraordinary lightness. These disks are about 15% lighter than normal ones. The wheels are shod in high-speed tires unusual for an SUV dimension of 305/30 R 23.

The Startech SD30 power boost kit for the 3-liter LR-TDV6 Turbodiesel, which increases power to an impressive 300 HP and torque to 685 Nm, will also emphasize its superiority over ordinary mortals. The Startech exhaust system is equipped with an electronic sound control system, which allows you to choose an exciting sports roar of the engine when there is a need, or if desired, almost completely remove the exhaust noise.
Let’s get behind the wheel. Even a driver with a height of 170 cm is not very spacious here. You can’t move the seat back — the back rests against the partition. But the owners of such cars usually do not drive themselves. However, the Kingdom of leather and polished aluminum, as well as an abundance of all sorts of buttons partially compensate for the lack of space. The buttons on the intercom with the chief, located to the left of the steering wheel — are the only reminder of the pilot’s servitude. So the driver-bodyguard is better to choose a small one, like Jackie Chan.

The body racks and roof are covered with Alcantara, and the rest is leather with wooden inserts. It turns out that Startech has its own leather workshop, where elements for leather finishing are made. The fact that the car was prepared by Startech is emphasized by the branded aluminum pads on the pedals, and aluminum thresholds with logo illumination.
The main cabin in this car is, of course, the rear. It is in it, as it is implied, and the owner of the car will drive. And then, of course, the world of expensive leather. The ceiling is covered with Alcantara, above the head is a huge hatch, covered with an anti-sun curtain. The side Windows are also covered with anti-sun blinds, which makes the interior dim. The transparent partition separating the salons is closed with a curtain. If desired, the curtains can be opened by pressing the button. As, however, and lower the slightly tinted transparent partition. Of course, everything is on servos. The rear cabin has its own full climate control. The seats are equipped with a full set of electrical adjustments. A 19-inch monitor is installed in the center of the partition, which is finished with leather in the color of the interior and veneer. In addition, the car is equipped with a TV tuner and Wi-Fi router for full Internet. Oddly enough, the rear seats can be folded to form the world’s most luxurious cargo compartment. Although, of course, it is unlikely that anyone will need it. In General, it seemed to me that this car is a great way to give yourself pleasure, while safely hidden from prying eyes.

The car is provided by the A1 alarm Service Tuning Center, the exclusive distributor of Startech products in Russia, http://starteeh.ru

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