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Cut off from the hustle and bustle

The tuning program STARTECH WIDEBODY for RANGE ROVER and the interior partition from the A1 Tuning Center-an occasion to take a new look at the famous SUV. Adding athletic muscle to an already powerful handsome man and dressing him up in a stylish business suit is a tempting offer from engineers and designers.

A flight of engineering imagination from the tuning guru-the German company STARTECH-led to the fact that the current LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER in the Vogue SE version of the LONG became a real ally to its owner in business Affairs.

“You will enjoy not only driving the car, but also driving in a completely isolated rear compartment. The latter was made possible thanks to an exclusive partition between the driver and the passenger, which is made of double glass and operates on a silent electric drive,” says Alexander Sindeev, head of the A1 Tuning Center. — For those who appreciate the original exterior styling, we offer an aerodynamic body kit, new bumpers, wheel arch extensions and wheels.”
A set of carbon parts added stylish accents to the body: a radiator grille, air intakes on the hood, mirror decoration, and a roof plate on the trunk.

Of course, the main element of this tuning package is a glass partition between the driver and the passenger, which was designed by the engineers of the A1 tuning Studio. The new element in the interior is especially relevant for business people, whose conversations on the phone are entirely a commercial secret, and the car often becomes not just a means of transportation, but a mobile office in the capital’s traffic jams. What did the tuning company offer the SUV owner? First of all-double glass, which forms a partition using a silent electric drive. A 19-inch monitor is installed in the center. Details of the partition are finished with high-quality leather in the color of the car interior and wood veneer. Additionally, a digital TV tuner and Wi-Fi router for Internet access are installed in the car. Complete the atmosphere of the office on wheels electric curtains for the interior, consisting of five components, and folding tables with electric drive, which are attached to the back of the front seats using special consoles.

A significant plus to driving dynamics is the increased power of the STARTECH SD 30S for all Range Rovers with a 3-liter LR-TDV6 Diesel engine with two turbochargers. An additional STARTECH control unit is installed. Thanks to the 8-speed transmission and lightweight design, the car will accelerate to “hundreds” in 7.3 seconds. Instead of the serial 292 HP, the driver has 323 at his disposal.

Business-time. The final touch to the new look of the car will add a console with an analog clock, which is not in its standard configuration. Beautiful, stylish and practical.

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