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Right to privacy

BEING visible in complete privacy is not a paradox, but the main idea of the subtly and meticulously refined “Mercedes-Benz Maybach”. Outwardly, it does not stand out against the background of standard analogues, attracting as much attention by its majestic nobility on the streets. However, the internal atmosphere evokes much more memories of the reverent time when “Maybach” was an independent brand. And it’s not even about the exclusive finishing materials or comprehensive functionality — the interior is particularly clearly marked by the desire to emphasize the privileged position of the passenger, respect for their privacy and exclusivity of comfort.

At the touch of a button, the silent electric drive turns the back of the car into a separate space in a few seconds. Here, in a cozy atmosphere and absolute silence, the passenger can go about their business, maintaining complete confidentiality. Or, on the contrary, relax in the most comfortable environment — a partition with built-in glass and electric dimming function, framed by the finest leather that repeats the color scheme and texture of the interior, allows you to integrate various electronics — either a pair of monitors with standard headrests, or a full-fledged TV. A hands-free connection to communicate with the driver will guarantee that the wishes of the VIP-person will always be heard.

It takes at least three weeks to turn a Maybach into a private limousine. The partition wall, which is based on plastic with a metal frame for the electric glass drive, is installed without compromising the standard interior and its security systems. The wall is decorated not only with leather to match the original upholstery, but also with wood veneer, Mercedes branded watches and background lighting elements. If desired, you can install curtains made of light-proof fabric in front of the glass also on an electric drive. With the redesign of the car, however, there are some restrictions. The front seat area, for example, can be adjusted for people up to 185 cm tall. This, of course, does not affect the freedom of the privileged passenger.

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