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Touchless motorcycle washing

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The motorcycle can not be washed at a regular car wash — the specifics of its device and materials require careful treatment and special chemistry for high-quality cleaning from heavy dirt. In our service center, we carry out contactless washing of motorcycles in accordance with the features of the unit. As a result, you get a clean motorcycle without any damage to the internal parts and paintwork.

Бесконтактная мойка для мотоциклов

Don’t trust Amateurs!

Many car washes offer motorcycle cleaning as an additional service. however, bikes differ from cars. A high-pressure washer and cold water can cause serious damage to components (Broken off oil seals, hole in a fuel line).

Бесконтактная мойка для мотоциклов. Фото

What is the difficulty of working with a motorcycle?

While motorcycle washing it is necessary to pay attention to metal, plastic, leather surfaces. That’s why touches motorcycle washing is essential. A motorcycle is irrigated with water, then covered with foam. After this, dirt is removed by water.

Because of these design features, a non-contact wash is the best fit for a motorcycle. According to the technology, the motorcycle is sprayed with water, then covered with foam and waiting for the dirt to soften on the body. After this, the contamination is removed with water.

Features of contactless motorcycle washing in our service

  • Washing begins only after the engine has cooled down. Temperature changes negatively affect even the most durable metal. This is especially important if the motorcycle has a lot of chrome parts. Only warm water is used to wash the motorcycle to avoid dangerous processes in the metal,
  • The high-pressure washer is not suitable for most motorcycle components, so the water pressure is lowered,
  • From a large Arsenal of detergents, specialists choose the best, guided by the materials of parts and features of the case,
  • The most active treatment is the lower part of the motorcycle body, where dirt, soot and soot from the exhaust pipe, dust and road materials accumulate,
  • Careful washing and cleaning of exposed instrument panel of the motorcycle. In units of this type, vital nodes are not protected by a strong metal body, as in a car, so an abundance of water with chemicals in the form of a high-pressure jet can kill all the electrics without the possibility of resuscitation.

Our experienced specialists know exactly how to wash a motorcycle. Call us and make your appointment right now!

Бесконтактная мойка для мотоциклов. Фото 1
Бесконтактная мойка для мотоциклов. Фото 2
Washing the Pink motorcycle

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