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Protective coatings for motorcycles

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It’s easier to ruin a motorcycle’s body than it looks. It is enough for one stone to hit the body of an iron horse, even at a low speed, to leave a scratch or dent. The result is that the beauty of transport is not what it used to be, and the responsible owner will have to pay for repairs. But there is an alternative method is to order the application of a protective coating for your motorcycle in our service. The result is reliable transport protection.

Защитные покрытия для мотоцикла

What is a protective coating?

A protective coating based on polymeric materials prevents damage of paint coating. Applying a high-quality polymer coating has many advantages:

  • Polymer-treated metal surfaces do not lose their original attractiveness so quickly.
  • Polymer coating maintains the brightness and contrast of the paint layer the motorcycle.
  • Polymers have hydrophobic properties so when it rains, the motorcycle does not get wet.

Covering a motorcycle with a protective polymer compound is the choice of motorcyclists who are responsible for the condition of their vehicle and want to stand out on the road among other road users. In terms of financial costs, the service is much cheaper than the likely repair of body parts after they are damaged by stones, large dust particles, keys or other items that leave defects.

Защитные покрытия для мотоцикла. Фото 1
Защитные покрытия для мотоцикла. Фото 2

Trust our specialists!

Applying a protective polymer coating on the metal parts of a motorcycle is a rather complicated and responsible task. We guarantee:

  • Responsible approach, work is performed by experienced specialists with qualifications.
  • A wide range of protective materials.
  • Attractive prices.

Make the right decision – order the application of protective coating for the motorcycle from us. Leave an online request or call our contact phone number to make an appointment at any convenient time and get the service!

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 9:00-20:00

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