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If you want to make your car more stylish and unique, it is not necessary to paint it. The fastest and cheapest solution is a car gloss wrap.

Car gloss wraps have various textures (chameleon effect, metallic, etc.). The main advantage is that it protects the initial paint coating of a car.

Пример глянцевой пленки на автомобиль
Пример глянцевой пленки на авто

5 advantages of car gloss wrap

We use high quality car gloss wrap made of vinyl and other polymeric materials manufactured by 3M, Oracal, KMPF and Hexis. They are reliable and durable and have the following advantages:

  • A reasonable price so you can change your car design every month;
  • The car is ready for use immediately after application, so you don’t need to wait for drying;
  • If you need to change a gloms wrap, it won’t take a long time;
  • Paint protection. The coating can prevent scratches and cracks;
  • Reliability and durability. Colours and textures are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. In a while the car gloss will look brand new.
Пример глянцевой пленки
Глянцевая пленка
Глянцевая пленка фото

We take into account all the structural and aerodynamic features of the car body, so the wrap lays down smoothly.

Car gloss wrap covers damages

Car gloss wrap covers damages. For example, scuffs after an accident or large-scale scratches. The gloss wrap neatly lays on top of the damaged paint coating and hides scratches, cracks, traces of corrosion and other defects.

Our specialists with high quality gloss film. We use only reliable materials, modern technology and a professional approach.

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