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Many cars have paint coating. If you want your car to be stylish and unique, we suggest to apply matte film, black matter film is incredibly luxurious.

Matte films are inexpensive, it takes less than 1 day to apply it.

матовая пленка

5 advantages of matte film

5 advantages of matte film:

  • Design variety. It is not necessary to choose monophonic options, there is a variety of vinyl coatings. For example, with a carbon texture, khaki texture, etc.;
  • Additional protection for paint coating. It prevents scratches, cracks and other defects;
  • If you don’t like the matte film, it is easy to remove it;
  • Car wash won’t be a problem;
  • Durability. We use high-quality solutions from 3M, Oracal, KMPF, Hexis and other manufacturers. The vinyl canvas are resistant to ultraviolet and other aggressive influences.
матовая пленка на автомобиле
матовая пленка на авто

There are two ways to cover a car with a matte film: covering the whole cabin or certain parts. The first option will make your car more unique and luxurious as well as practical.

Professional applying of matte film

Our specialists can help you to choice the best option. We use high quality materials. Call us and make an appointment right now!

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 9:00-20:00

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