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Carbon fiber wrap

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Carbon fiber wrap can make your car luxurious. The texture of carbon materials is unique. It is matte but it does not absorb light completely. It reflects the rays incident but does not glare.

Carbon materials are used only for luxurious cars. It is also used for the most expensive laptops and smartphones, aircraft parts, medical equipment, etc. However, carbon fiber wrap is inexpensive, it protects paint coating from various damages.

Оклейка карбоновой пленкой
Оклейка карбоновой пленкой авто

Carbon fiber wrap features

Carbon films are made of high quality vinyl. It is not subject to fading, deformation and abrasion. It protects against scratches, including contacts with flying gravel, dust or branches.

Vinyl coatings with imitation of carbon materials are quite diverse. They have different sizes, patterns, colours, textures.

Оклейка карбоновой пленкой автомобиля
карбоновая пленка фото

Carbon films for exterior and interior

Carbon films can be used in different ways:

  • Partial coverage of the car so the car looks more modern. It covers the hood, trunk, front and rear racks, as well as the roof;
  • Full coverage of the car, it makes the car unique. The car is fully covered with high quality vinyl;
  • Coverage of certain parts reduces the risk of abrasion.
карбоновая пленка

Professional carbon film coating

You can order any type of coverage in our tuning company. We work with such well-known manufacturers as 3M, Oracal, Hexis, KMPF and others. We use modern application technologies and a professional approach.

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 9:00-20:00

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