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Covering the car with chrome film is not just a way to give the car a fresh and original look. No, this type of auto-retailing is for those who are not afraid to impress, to be in the center of attention, to attract envious and admiring glances on the streets. Luxury mirror Shine of the body, glare and bright colors-all this surprises, amazes and shocks.

However, the film “Chrome” can not only give the car an impressive appearance. It also protects the body.

пленка хром

Features of the film “Chrome” for car pasting

We use high-quality “Chrome” films for car pasting from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as 3M and Oracal. Therefore, these materials are not only beautiful, but also practical.

And this is achieved thanks to the complex structure of the film. It consists of three layers:

  • The upper layer is reflective with a metal base and polymer coating. It gives a mirror effect to the film. A polymer coating provides high reliability – “Chrome” will Shine for years without losing its reflective qualities;
  • The middle layer is a vinyl film with a thickness of at least 160 microns with a three-dimensional texture. It enhances the reflective properties of chrome. And thanks to its high thickness, the film has protective qualities, preventing scratches, scuffs, cracks and other damages on the paintwork – even in case of contact with flying gravel, dust or branches;
  • The bottom layer is the base of a special polymer glue. It provides a rigid fixation of the film on the body and protects against peeling at the edges. However, if necessary, “Chrome” is removed, leaving no traces of glue on the paintwork.

Thus, the special structure of the film provides excellent reflective (mirror) properties combined with reliability, durability and protective qualities.

Оклейка автомобиля пленкой хром

5 reasons to stick “Chrome” film on the body

Chrome film is a magnet for looks. A car covered in it attracts attention. But its advantages are not limited to this.

  • The car will get a perfect look. The elastic vinyl base of the film can take any shape – and therefore it repeats every bend of the body, preserving the original geometry and aerodynamic design, and complementing it with reflective properties. The finished appearance can only be described by one word – “flawless»;
  • The film is able to hide any defects in the paintwork. Scratches, cracks, scuffs, chips and potholes-all this will disappear under the layer of vinyl, leaving only a smooth and smooth shiny surface;
  • The film will protect the coating from damage. A thick layer of vinyl – at least 160 microns-will take on any mechanical impact, from flying gravel to the keys of the detractor. The paintwork will remain intact;
  • The film retains an impressive appearance for a long time. It is resistant to UV and other aggressive influences, and high-quality glue provides a reliable fixation – even when the car washer “passes” the “Kercher” directly on the joints of parts;
  • You can show imagination and give the car a truly unique look. For example, some parts are covered with a film “Chrome” of one shade, and some – another. This will make the design modern and sporty.

We perform both full and partial chrome plating of the car. In our auto-retailing Studio, you can order pasting of any complexity and for any car model – and we will perform it quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Professional car pasting with “Chrome” film

The film “Chrome” does not forgive an Amateur approach. Even the smallest speck of dust or air bubble under it will be visible. Therefore, the chrome film in our auto-retailing Studio “A1 Auto” is pasted only by professionals. We use state-of-the-art technologies, high-quality materials and sophisticated algorithms to make your car Shine.

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 9:00-20:00

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