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Restyling Mercedes-AMG GT

Рестайлинг Mercedes-AMG GT

Restyling Mercedes-AMG GT: new features of your sports car

Mercedes-AMG GT sports car in any configuration admires its appearance and characteristics, it always attracts attention in the traffic flow and speaks eloquently about the status of its owner. What new can bring to this perfection restyling Mercedes-AMG GT In the tuning Studio A1 CAR? The answer is obvious: new features that preserve the best qualities of the car, bringing to its appearance the missing originality. The main thing here is to achieve a balance between the basic design and the restyling elements. Our specialists cope with this task “perfectly”, as you can see for yourself.

What is included in the restyling program?

The work is carried out in two directions-changing the exterior and expanding the capabilities of electronic equipment.

From the point of view of the exterior, the restyling of the Mercedes-AMG GT is reduced to the installation of several elements:

  • New bumper;
  • Improved radiator grille;
  • Wingtips;
  • Moldings on the side grilles and wings.

These changes do not capture the body globally, but bring new features to its appearance – more stylish and aggressive, and at the same time improving the aerodynamic qualities of individual zones.

Working on electronics when restyling Mercedes-AMG GT is reduced to installing various additional equipment. First of all, the Distronic cruise control system is installed (for MB cars that do not have this equipment in the basic configuration), it is also possible to install various security systems and others.

Also on the front wheels is mounted to protect the engine – this element is vital for the Russian roads, preventing an unnecessary repair costs.

The list of changes that the restyling of Mercedes-AMG GT provides for may change in accordance with the modification of the car, the requirements and wishes of its owner. The scope of work in each case is discussed individually.

List of equipment for AMG GT:

  • front bumper
  • grille
  • sensor DISTRONIC
  • motor protection
  • wingtips
  • the mouldings in the side grilles
  • moldings on the wings
  • installation kit

Why should I contact the Tuning Studio A1 AUTO?

We are the official partner of Mercedes-Benz in Russia, so the restyling of Mercedes-AMG GT and any other cars is performed in full compliance with the standards and specifications of MB. The use of official installation kits and approved components ensures the preservation of the warranty on the car, as well as long-term warranty obligations apply to all equipment.

To learn more about our services, please call +7 (495) 766-10-00 or order a call back from the site.our specialist will provide all the necessary information and offer favorable conditions.

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