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Automatic car door closer

The innovative car door closer

Description of equipment

Originally, soft close car doors function was only available as a standard option to only some luxury cars. Now, everyone can experience the security and safety the innovative car door closer provides.

It is common for car doors not to close completely on the first try. The car door closer ensures full closure of car doors at the first attempt and precludes them from opening while the car is on the move. This device closes the doors automatically.

Доводчики дверей нового поколения

This additional equipment was tested for dustproof of level 4th and was tested at temperatures from -50 ° C to + 80 ° C, where it showed full operational functionality.

Technical characteristics

Operating voltage 9-16V
Nominal voltage 12V
Static current ≤ 3A
Working temperature from -50°C to +80°C
Степень защиты IP57
Cycle numbers 50000

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