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The installation of the air suspension in the V-class

The performance characteristics and comfort level of the Mercedes-Benz V-class minibus are at a high level. However, there are no limits to perfection. A1 company offers installation of air suspension on your V-class, so that each trip is as comfortable as possible.

What is an air suspension and why put it in V-class

Air suspension is a system that stabilizes the position of the body during movement and regulates the clearance. Thanks to it, your V-class gets the following advantages:

  • The level of comfort reaches the level when the possible nuances of the road surface are practically not felt inside the car and vibrations are reduced as much as possible, which has a positive effect on the noise level in the cab.
  • A significant slowdown in the wear process of all elements of the chassis due to the damping of all impacts caused by road irregularities, as well as the uniform distribution of their force on the body structure.
  • Handling and functional characteristics become noticeably better, especially when driving a vehicle with a load. When the body is fully loaded, the load is reduced, the load is more evenly distributed, there is no effect of rocking and sagging.
  • The ability to manually and automatically adjust the suspension parameters, select the optimal mode of operation.

The key points of the installation of the air suspension

Air suspension is an additional equipment, so its installation does not require modification of the structure, removal of existing suspension elements, and so on. The process includes the following main steps:

  • Installing airbags: airbags, the main element of the system, are placed between the frame and the bridge on the rear axle. This arrangement does not compromise the integrity of these parts. No adverse effects on the structure (e.g. drilling holes) in the framework of such an installation is not required.
  • Installing controls: controls are placed in the car interior as conveniently as possible for use from the driver’s seat.
  • Connecting and assembling the rest of the system parts responsible for air supply, maintaining the necessary pressure, and other equipment.
  • Testing and configuring hardware after installation. The installation is considered complete only after configuring and selecting the optimal parameters.

Entrust the installation of the air suspension on the V-class to A1 professionals:

  • We use only reliable equipment: pillows are made of strong and durable polymer materials, and pneumatic equipment is trouble-free and convenient automation.
  • Installation of air suspension is performed by highly qualified specialists who, thanks to their experience, are well familiar with the nuances of these structures. Therefore, they are well aware of how to install these products, and to achieve the necessary level of quality.
  • You get a reliable solution at the best price, which will be performed “turnkey”.

The result will surprise you! Increase the comfort and reliability of your Mercedes-Benz V-class.

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