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Leather child car seat upholstery

Leather child car seat makes your car more luxurious. We use the same leather and the same stitches for car covers. We make child car seat covers for all models.

When is leather child car upholstery an ultimate solution?

If you want a child car seat fit your design, leather child car seat upholstery is the best choice. It has the following advantages:

  • we use the same materials for car seats and a child car seats so a car cabin has one design.
  • we use the same stitches for car seat covers in order to achieve a perfect matching.
  • we can also manufacture combined and patterned surfaces that will match your car interior design.

We also restore worn out child car seats. Even a really old and damaged seat can be fixed. This solution is perfect for the following situations:

  • If there a few children in a family and you want to continue using an old car seat, we can make a new cover for it.
  • If for some reason the seat has been worn out too quickly. For example, the material fell into disrepair or torn. You don’t need to buy a need one, it is better to reupholster it.
  • if you friends or relatives gave you an old child car seat, we can hep you to recover it.
  • If you car seat cover is made of artificial materials but you need to have natural leather cover.

The process of a child car seat upholstery

We make each seat cover according to individual measurements. That’s how it works:

  • The detailed research of the item, then we measure it and make a pattern.
  • material selection. The leather can be of different colours and shades so you can choose the material according to your preferences.
  • Our specialists make car covers according to the pattern.
  • We reupholster a car seat. If it is necessary we can replace not only the outer layer of the fabric but also a soft filler. As a result, the car seat looks perfect and conforms the safety requirements.

The key advantages to have your car seats reupholstered in our tuning company:

  • our experienced specialists know how to make car seats comfortable.
  • We use only high quality materials which are durable, environmentally friendly and safe for children.
  • Safe fixation. Materials are fixed to completely eliminate the risk of contact of a child with fastening elements (attachement clips, rivets)
  • An extended of variety of upholstery can help you to choose a design according to your preferences.
  • We tale your requests into consideration. We use individual approach in order to achieve an ultimate result.

We have bargain prices, so it is a great opportunity to save on an expensive car accessory!

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