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Car dry cleaning

Car dry cleaning

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Do you want the interior of your car to be perfectly clean, have a pleasant smell and comfortable atmosphere? Then it is time for car dry cleaning! Car dry cleaning includes:

  • getting rid of dirt, dust and sand. Even if you use the vacuum cleaner, it is not enough for complete cleaning.
  • stain and dirt removal, getting rid of auto odors. We use appropriate dry car washing products for leather and fabric car seats. We get rid even of difficult stains to remove (blood, oil, wine, etc.) as well as maintenance of cleanliness.
  • restoration of decorative elements of car interior. Plastic, chrome, glass and wooden surfaces are polished.
Химчистка салона
Химчистка салона автомобиля

What is included in car dry cleaning service?

  • The deep cleaning of car interior. Professional vacuum cleaners are more effective than regular vacuum cleaners. During the full dry cleaning there will be no dirty stains on the seats and doors, as well as dust and dirt from the floor mats will completely disappear.
  • Car interior cleaning. We use specialised detergent, we have detergents for fabric covers and leather covers. We use professional car wash Koch Chemie Unna. It is completely removed during the cleaning process and it does not leave toxic fumes.
  • Air conditioning cleaning. It is extremely necessary as fungus and pathogenic bacteria can actively proliferate in the air conditioning ducts.
  • Car interior detailing. All surfaces including decorative overlays, the dashboard and other interior elements are cleaned and polished.
  • Ozone treatment of a car. An ozone generator disinfects a car.
Химчистка салона авто. Фото 1. А1 Авто
Химчистка салона авто. Фото 2. А1 Авто
Химчистка салона авто. Фото 3. А1 Авто

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Phone number: +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 09:00-20:00

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