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Car leather repair

Car leather repair LETECH RESTORATION

We offer an extended variety of interior restoration solutions using the LeTech Restoration product line. This product can fix the following defects:

  • Various textile damage, cigarette burns.
Ремонт кожи салона авто
  • Scratches and scuffs in leather.
Локальные потертости кожи до и после обработки
  • Scuffed leather steering wheel, scratches on gear shift.
Потертости кожи, до и после обработки
  • Mechanical damages of certain parts, damage of certain plastic parts.
повреждения пластиковых изделий в авто, до и после обработки
  • Colour fading of plastic parts.

Restoration process with LETECH RESTORATION products

There are three steps of restoration:

  • The surface cleaning. We use certain detergent for plastic surfaces, for leather surfaces we use lather detergent cleaner. Krytex DEGREASER is used for degreasing.
  • We use LeTech products for colouring. We properly choose products for each type of material. For example, if there is a contrast stitching on the seat upholstery, we maintain this effect, rather than paint the entire stitching.
Ремонт кожи салона авто
  • We use Krytex or other brand for a protective layer. It is recommended to protect a part after the restoration.

Other ways of car interior restoration

Apart from LeTech products we use a wide range of other ways of restoration, including polishing restoration. So we can restore not only fabric, plastic and leather but also glass, chrome, etc.

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