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Car wrapping | Anti-gravel car protection

The bad condition roads is responsible in part for certain car damages. Dust, dirt, little stones cause scratches but also lead to corrosion. There is a solution for this problem. It is anti-gravel car film. It protects paint film, preserves its natural color and prevents corrosion.

We do not recommend to apply vinyl wrap yourself, in this case it is better to trust professionals. We use the latest technologies and high quality materials in order to make your car look perfect.


3 reasons to use vinyl wrap

Avtovinil solves several problems faced by car owners at once:

  • It protects the body surface. All scratches, minor mechanical damage and contact with caustic chemicals (for example, contained in bird droppings), vinyl film takes over. The LCP under it retains its integrity, uniformity of tone and attractive Shine;
  • It gives the car a new look and can be used for styling. Vinyl films are not only transparent, but also color, glossy and matte, carbon, with a metallic sheen (the “chameleon” effect)… Thanks to them, the car will look completely new, and at the same time such a design change will cost much less than a full repaint;
  • It increases the cost of the car on the secondary market. Before the sale, the film is easily removed, leaving no traces, and the original paintwork remains visually attractive – and therefore the car can be sold more expensive than planned.

All these benefits are achieved simultaneously in one simple operation – pasting autovinyle.

The film itself is resistant to UV and aggressive weather conditions, and retains its shape and colors for a long time.

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How to paste vinyl film

For gluing vinyl film requires strict adherence to application technologies and sterile cleanliness in the box. Even a small air bubble can ruin the appearance of autovinil, and a tiny speck of dust caught between the film and the paintwork can leave scratches on the body. Therefore, we do not recommend self-pasting avtovinil.

We carry out professional gluing of vinyl films on the car. To do this, we use the highest quality materials from SunTek and modern technologies that take into account every detail of the body geometry. The film lies flat, “like a native”, without bubbles and dust.

Call us right now and we will prepare a detailed consultation for you or sign you up for professional film gluing.

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 9:00-20:00

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