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Car styling can change a car completely. A variety of colors, textures and patterns helps to make your car more luxurious. A1 tuning company uses only high-quality vinyl wraps from prominent manufacturers like 3M, Oracal, KMPF and Hexis.

стайлинг пленкой до и после обработки

Ways of car wrapping

There is an extended variety of options:

стайлинг пленкой
стайлинг пленкой автомобиля

We offer various car wrapping styling:

  • Partial coverage of the car so the car looks more modern. It covers the hood, trunk, front and rear racks, as well as the roof;
  • Full coverage of the car, it makes the car unique. The car is fully covered with high quality vinyl;
  • Coverage of certain parts reduces the risk of abrasion.
стайлинг пленкой авто
стайлинг пленкой фото

Advantages of car vinyl wrapping

Advantages of car vinyl wrapping:

  • It is inexpensive and affordable. It is the way cheaper that airbrush painting. You don’t need to look for an artist because the final image will be exactly the same as the design layout;
  • It is easy to remove a vinyl wrap;
  • An extended variety of design options (matte, glossy, with a metallic or chameleon effect, with any texture, texture, gradients and pattern);
  • Vinyl films are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, aggressive chemicals and the dust in the air;
  • It protects a car from scratches, gravel, dust, reagents and other aggressive external factors.

Moreover, we use high quality materials, they are durable and resistant. Even in two years your car will look brand new.

стайлинг пленкой, разные цвета, фото

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99

Daily 9:00-20:00

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