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Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99 Daily 9:00-20:00 Car wrapping | Anti-gravel car protection The bad condition roads is responsible in part for certain car damages. Dust, dirt, little stones cause scratches but also lead to corrosion. There is a solution for this problem. It is anti-gravel car film. It protects paint film, preserves its natural color

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99 Daily 9:00-20:00 Car gloss wrap | Car mate wrap | Carbon wrap | Chrome wrap | Car vinyl graphics Car styling can change a car completely. A variety of colors, textures and patterns helps to make your car more luxurious. A1 tuning company uses only high-quality vinyl wraps from prominent manufacturers

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99 Daily 9:00-20:00 Covering the car with chrome film is not just a way to give the car a fresh and original look. No, this type of auto-retailing is for those who are not afraid to impress, to be in the center of attention, to attract envious and admiring glances on the

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99 Daily 9:00-20:00 Carbon fiber wrap can make your car luxurious. The texture of carbon materials is unique. It is matte but it does not absorb light completely. It reflects the rays incident but does not glare. Carbon materials are used only for luxurious cars. It is also used for the most

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99 Daily 9:00-20:00 Many cars have paint coating. If you want your car to be stylish and unique, we suggest to apply matte film, black matter film is incredibly luxurious. Matte films are inexpensive, it takes less than 1 day to apply it. 5 advantages of matte film 5 advantages of matte

Phone +7 (495) 323-93-99 Daily 9:00-20:00 If you want to make your car more stylish and unique, it is not necessary to paint it. The fastest and cheapest solution is a car gloss wrap. Car gloss wraps have various textures (chameleon effect, metallic, etc.). The main advantage is that it protects the initial paint coating

The transportation and storage system consists of a retractable electric drive platform with additional drawers on the sides. The construction is made of high strength black anodizing aluminum. Front panels are painted black according to the technology of painting cars. It is resistant to corrosion. 2-year guarantee. Technical specifications: Automatic retractable platform Platform dimensions 1310х792

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